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Show your mom pride by wearing a mini mum! Mini mums are 16 inches long - the perfect size to pin to your shirt or jacket! 

Mini Mum Details:

- 4" white mum

- "Mom" plaque

- "Sport" plaque (i.e. Sapphire, Band, Cheer, Football, Soccer, Choir, etc.)

- Keychain picture frame (put a photo of your student in it at home)

- Flat name ribbon

- Flat ribbon - instrument, position, or jersey number

- Mini mum is approximately 16" long, and has a loop that you can pin to your clothing or add a lanyard.

This mini mum is designed for the mom of one student. The student's name and instrument or position would be on a ribbon in the mum.

Mom Mini Mum-1 student

  • All Sales final 


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